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After Christians in the of Al-Galaa village in Samalout, Minya, Egypt received permission to expand the church serving three villages, fanatic Muslims have increased their attacks on Christians and their property.

In early January 2015, church elders in Al-Galaa finally received a positive decision but, since then, attacks and threats have plagued the construction process.

The Christian community has faced numerous attacks without protection or prosecution of the attackers by the authorities. In the latest attack, last week two Christians were injured and the crops of lands owned by Copts were destroyed. School children have also been attacked by fellow Muslim students, resulting in absence of Christian children from school.

The story of Al-Galaa village is one that has been repeated over and over again across the country. Despite promises and rhetoric from the government about the rights of all Egyptians – Christian and Muslim – the reality continues to be something different.

Source: International Christian Concern

 Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of Christians in Egypt who love and serve Him in spite of great opposition. Ask the Lord to continue to strengthen their faith, especially children. May their faithfulness be used by the Lord as a witness to the Gospel.
  • Pray the Lord’s protection will be upon believers. Ask Him to fully provide for all their needs.
  • Pray the authorities, including Muslim leaders, will act justly to prosecute the offenders and bring an end to the violence.

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