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The case against three Christians who were arrested last summer in Alexandria has been dismissed after an appeal was made by their lawyer. The young men, one of them a minor, were accused of blasphemy during an evangelistic outreach.

All three were being investigated, pending possible charges of “showing disdain to a heavenly religion” under a statute that in every way ─ except for its official title ─ constitutes a blasphemy law. Thankfully, the Attorney General of Alexandria dismissed the case on 2 February, although the ruling was not officially issued until the 24th.

Osama (Fawzi) Ibrahim, 16, was arrested for handing out small bags of dates to passers-by on the streets of Alexandria. In addition to the fruit, each bag contained a statement about God’s love, as well as the name of an Arabic-language website providing information about Jesus and the Christian faith. When friends Stephen Boutros Fayed, 21, and Shady Saeed, 20, went to the police station where Osama was being held, they were also arrested. Despite there being no evidence that the young people were handing out the bags together, police held all three of them in jail.

Source: Morning Star News

 Prayer Points

  • Praise God for His intervention in the lives of the three young men.
  • Pray that they will not be deterred by this incident, but rather spurred on to continue sharing the good news of the Gospel.
  • Pray the Lord will bring a plentiful harvest throughout Egypt of spiritual fruit for God’s glorious Kingdom.

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