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Farrin, 16, was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to a Muslim father and a Christian mother.

His mother Nenet, had left Islam for Christianity before Farrin was born. As a devoted believer living in a restricted nation, she has endured much opposition because of her faith. Nenet rejoiced over the birth of her son Farrin and earnestly prayed for him; she believed with all her heart that he would one day commit himself to Jesus.

Farrin knew little about his mother’s faith beyond that she was known as a ‘kafir’ (infidel) according to his Muslim father and other family members. Farrin grew up idolising his father, but the lack of love and regard his father showed his kind and loving mother, confused Farrin.

As a teenager, Farrin started to examine the lives of his parents and quietly questioned the conduct of them both. He came to realise that his ‘kafir’ mother never lied, yet his father lied often and even had relationships with other women. His mother, though oppressed, conducted herself in a faithful and prayerful manner, always giving her feelings of sorrow and frustration over to the God she believed in.

Last Christmas Eve, Farrin knew that his mother intended to celebrate with some friends. Farrin decided to ask his mother about the gathering. Nenet explained to him that she and her friends would sing to God and praise Him for His goodness over the past year and ask Him to bless the new year. They would also exchange gifts. Intrigued, Farrin asked if he could accompany her. Nenet was delighted that Farrin had asked to join her, knowing only Christians would be present.

Without informing his father, Farrin accompanied his mother to the VOM-supported ministry centre for the Christmas meeting. Though a stranger, Farrin was warmly welcomed. He commented to his mother that he had never met such kind and friendly people. He saw how much they genuinely loved one another, there was nothing false about them. In response, his mother told Farrin that it was Jesus who made them this way.

Farrin enjoyed the celebration and his heart was moved by all he had experienced. That very day, he accepted Jesus as Lord. Nenet was overwhelmed with joy and thankful to God for the answered prayers for her son. Soon after, Farrin started attending a Bible study along with his mother.

Farrin’s father became concerned when he noticed his son no longer went to the mosque to pray. He reminded Farrin of the importance of going to the mosque regularly. Farrin wished to obey his father and so decided to go, but this time he was armed with questions for the Imam. Rather than answering Farrin’s questions, however, the Imam became angry with him for daring to question Islam and warned him never to ask such questions again. He then contacted Farrin’s father to report what had happened.

Farrin’s father, suspicious that his son was now following his mother’s faith, confronted him. When he discovered that Farrin was attending a Bible study, he beat, kicked and slammed him against a wall.

Whilst remaining committed to Christ in his heart, out of fear of his father, Farrin stopped attending Bible study for the following three months. Recently, however, trusting that God would protect him from his father, he returned to Bible study.

Nenet continues to face opposition for her faith but remains spiritually strong.

Please pray for Farrin and Nenet that they would grow in faith. Pray too for their protection. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to Farrin’s father.

This year, we are planning to distribute Christmas Care packs in six countries, including Egypt.

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