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A young Christian solider was beaten to death within four hours of arriving at a new unit. His family say officers attacked him when they realised he was a Christian.

Joseph Reda Helmy had been in the army for only a month when he was killed. He had just finished his training and been transferred to Al-Salaam special forces police unit. He arrived at 2pm and was dead by 8pm.

The Egyptian army told Joseph’s family that he died of an epileptic seizure: police and other soldiers later told Joseph’s family he had been harassed because he was a Christian. Three army officers are in custody in connection with his death.

Joseph is not the first to have died for his faith while serving in the Egyptian military. Several other Christians have been killed or persecuted for their faith.

Sources: Morning Star News, Release International

  • Please pray for Joseph’s family; may God’s unfailing love be a comfort to them (Psalm 119:76).
  • Pray for justice for Joseph and his family, and for all the families who have lost loved ones in similar circumstances.
  • Pray that the Egyptian authorities will clamp down on religious discrimination and intolerance in all sectors of society, including the military.