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After last Friday’s bus attack on Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt, which claimed 29 lives, Dr Michael Youssef says the church there is standing stronger than ever before.

Following the fourth major ISIS attack against the Coptic Christian community in just six months, Leading The Way’s Founder and President says Christians there continue to grow in their passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the face of rising persecution.

“There were two million more Christians in churches on Easter and Good Friday than the previous year,” Dr Youssef said during an interview at the World Summit in Defence of Persecuted Christians, “and this is the message they wanted to communicate to the terrorists: ‘Kill us all, and that’s fine by us. We’re not afraid of you.’”

Dr Youssef added: “This is the one thing I think so many Christians in the West don’t understand — that persecution strengthens and makes believers more passionate about their faith than easy Christianity.”

Source: Assist News Service

  • Praise God for strengthening His children in Egypt and thank Him for growing the church.
  • Pray the witness of His children will continue to be used by the Lord to bring even more people to the Lord Jesus.
  • Ask the Lord to comfort those who have experienced loss and are in mourning; may they learn to rely all the more on Him for His strength and ministering presence.