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Hard-line Muslims in Egypt angry over President Morsi’s removal from power have attacked churches and Christian property. Reports of attacks on Christians began to surface just hours after the Egyptian army announced that it had removed from office the Muslim Brotherhood-backed premier and his cabinet.

On Wednesday, Morsi supporters attacked Al Eslah Church and St George’s Church in Delgia village in Minya province, as well as Christian properties in the area. Rioting on Friday, reportedly triggered by a row between a Muslim and a Christian, resulted in the death of four Christians and the destruction of dozens of homes. Police reportedly warned church leaders in the Cairo area to be on the lookout for cars with certain number plates, amid warnings of car bombs.

The murder of a church leader in Northern Sinai has also been linked to reprisal attacks by Morsi’s supporters, amid growing civil unrest. Mina Aboud Sharween was shot dead on Saturday as he walked in the Masaeed area of El Arish.

Sources: Morning Star News, Reuters

  • Pray that God will protect and sustain His people in Egypt, amid mounting unrest.
  • Pray for peace and stability in Egypt.