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On 17 March ‘Brother P’, was lured from his house by his neighbours and beaten due to his conversion to Christianity. His house and belongings were also damaged – most of what he owns was damaged or destroyed.

Brother P has a physical disability that prevented him from escaping. Other Christians who tried to help him were also attacked.

He complained to the police, informing them of the reason for the attack. The police then detained him, but lawyers managed to locate him and secure his release

Sources: Middle East Concern, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

In Egypt, Christian converts from Islam commonly face persecution. When Christians are attacked or kidnapped by Muslims, the government rarely provides protection or assistance.

Let us pray.

  • On behalf of Brother P, ask for the Lord’s peace and protection. Pray Brother P will grow in faith and wisdom.
  • Pray for Brother P’s emotional, physical and financial recovery. Pray too for those who were attacked as they attempted to assist.
  • Pray for converts from Islam throughout Egypt. Ask the Lord to minister to them as they face opposition and give them courage. Pray for justice.