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Though Egypt has a small Christian population, life is not easy for Muslims who choose to convert to Christianity.

John, a committed hardliner Muslim, came to faith in 2014 after studying the Bible in order to convince Christian friends to convert to Islam. His wife, Malika, also became a Christian after observing his new character for three years.

John knew how his family felt about converts: one cousin who came to Christ was thrown from a fourth-floor building, and another was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. When his family realised John had become a Christian, they imprisoned and tortured him for four months before John escaped.

Each time that John has found a job for the past three years, his family has followed him and had him fired. About a year ago, his wife and daughters were home alone when family members burst through the door, beat Malika and abducted their two girls. They intended to kill both husband and wife. Christian friends intervened, however, and the family is now safely living with other believers, though they still suffer trauma from the attack.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Ask the Lord to shield this family from opposition or attack. Ask Him to surround them with His angels to minister to them and protect them.
  • Praise God for the strength of faith this family has displayed. Pray their courage may be used by God as a witness to Him.
  • Pray for Muslim background believers all over Egypt who endure hostility or are rejected by loved ones.

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