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“Here is the plan,” said the young Christian leader to the youth group. “At 8:30 you must begin to distribute the meeting invitations at the university. You must give them all out quickly before the secret police come and ask what you are doing. If you cannot give them to someone, just leave them lying somewhere. God will get them into the right hands.”

“You want us to pass out invitations before we have permission?” Images of being arrested by the Egyptian police flashed through the minds of the anxious men and women gathered around their leader.

“Exactly! Look, we have to exercise a little faith. We’ll take the first step, and the rest is in God’s hands.”

In Egypt, Christian gatherings are closely monitored and cannot be held without government approval. Shortly after 8:30, the youth leader called the police to request permission to hold a Christian gathering.

“You must fill out the proper forms, and we will notify you in a month or so.”

“I am sorry, sir, but we have already begun giving out invitations for the meeting,” the Christian answered anxiously.

“Why did you give invitations before you had approval? You know we must approve such meetings. Well, I guess since invitations have already been given out I will approve the meeting this time.”

Putting our faith into action is all about taking the first step on an uncertain journey. As others who have made this journey will tell us, it’s not the actual going that is difficult. It is “going without knowing” that is a bit unnerving. There are no maps on a journey of faith. We navigate by the starlight of God’s provision. It’s an off-road adventure that leads us to places we cannot see from the main highway of life. It took great faith for the believers to send out invitations to a meeting that they weren’t sure would be permitted. God honored their step of faith by blessing them with three hundred new converts that night. Are you ready to step out in faith?

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