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An Egyptian court has sentenced a Coptic Christian to three years in prison after he was found guilty of “insulting Islam in the first degree”.

Abdo Adel Bebawy, 43, was accused in July of publishing a post on his Facebook page that insulted Islam. In his post, Adel had compared Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, with Jesus.

At the time of his original post, friends explained that Abdo was not very literate and did not fully understand what he had posted. Following his arrest, a mob attacked houses owned by Copts and the situation has remained tense ever since.

While the sentence is for three years, many in the community believe the harsh ruling is to prevent more mob violence. A lawyer familiar with the case anticipates that the sentence may be overturned or reduced on appeal. This appeal is expected to be heard in late December.

Sources: International Christian Concern, World Watch Monitor

  • Remember Abdo in your prayers as he now faces this sentence. Ask the Lord to strengthen and comfort him.
  • Commit to the Lord Abdo’s legal representatives; pray that the appeal will be successful.
  • May the courts and leaders of the country seek to provide safety and equality for all citizens, regardless of their religion.

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