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The father of a 16-year-old girl allegedly raped by her neighbour believes she has little hope of justice because the accused is well-connected politically in the local area.

Nasar Masih believes the police will ultimately favour the suspect, whom he believes was able to rape his daughter in expectation of immunity from prosecution due to “some support from his family and political leadership of the area.”

The 16-year-old student, Sonia Nasar, was returning to her home in Sheikhupura, Punjab when she was allegedly raped by Muhammad Iqrar, 23, on 7 July. The two families share a yard and Sonia Nasar had to pass Iqrar’s front door to get to her house.

Sonia’s father heard her cries and rushed to help. “I was home when the incident took place. Sonia tried to set herself free and shouted for help but we failed to hear her as the doors were closed. However, as we eventually heard her cries we rushed and stormed into Iqrar’s house. Seeing us, Iqrar fled from the scene, leaving Sonia in a critical situation,” Nasar Masih told World Watch Monitor.

The First Information Report – a witness statement given by the accuser – was registered at the Saddar police station in Farooqabad. “I don’t have much hope for justice,” he said. “Even forensic reports can be interfered with, and if Iqrar isn’t jailed he will be free to harass us as their house is so near to ours.” Masih has, meanwhile, requested that the accused and his family use a different entrance to their home.

“We have asked MPs to support our case for Iqrar’s family to use the other door, which is on the other side, because they threaten us whenever we enter or leave our house. The police initially promised this but then said that it would take time.”

Masih believes his daughter’s accusation will be rubbished. “Efforts are underway to portray Sonia and Iqrar as being in a relationship,” he said.

In the police investigation Iqrar claimed that they had been talking on the phone, which Masih strictly denied. Investigating Officer Malik said, “We do not value Iqrar’s claim. The medical report has confirmed that she was raped. We have requested the mobile phone company to provide Iqrar’s call data, which will be submitted in the court.”

There has been local support for the Masih family.

Source: World Watch Monitor

Prayer Points

  • Intercede for this young girl and her family; pray the Lord will bring justice for them in an unjust world (Psalm 140:12). Pray the Lord will protect them from threats or further harm.
  • Pray the Holy Spirt may bring comfort as well as physical and psychological healing to Sonia.
  • Thank the Lord for the local support the family has received and pray the result of this heinous crime may be to strengthen this family’s faith in the Lord.

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