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More than one year after the country’s 2012 revolution, violence against Christians in Egypt has escalated. One of the recent attacks occurred on 15 February, when a mob of a few hundred Islamic militants threw stones and set fire to St Georgas Coptic Church, located in the poor village of Sarsena (about 100 km southwest of Cairo).

The church, which was built about 20 years ago, provided ministry to approximately 200 Christian families. Reportedly, the extremists felt justified in their actions, stating that the church was illegal because of its close proximity to their Muslim neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, attacks against Christians in Egypt have become too frequent. During a recently aired radio interview, Father Rafic Greiche, a spokesperson for the Greek Melkite Church, explains the serious ramifications of the country’s increasing persecution. “Christians don’t feel secure at all — especially now,” he states. “We have a lack of security, and the people are demoralised.”