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Christians in Egypt have long suffered as a persecuted minority in their 90% Muslim nation, and they have also been targeted by ISIS attacks. At least 100 Egyptian Christians were killed in terrorist attacks in 2017, and at least seven more were killed in 2018.

The town of El-Arish, in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, was emptied of its Christian residents following an Islamist takeover.

Nine-year-old Marina was afraid she wouldn’t be able to go to school any more. Muslim attackers had driven her family and more than 1,000 other Christians from their homes and their jobs in the town. The Christians were scattered throughout Egypt.

“We are a big family, lots of brothers and sisters,” Marina told a pastor in her new town. “My father is too poor to send us to school.”

The pastor encouraged Marina by telling her the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people with five loaves and two fish.

Voice of the Martyrs sent backpacks, school supplies and school fees to El-Arish families about 10 days later. The pastor stopped at Marina’s house first to tell her the news. Marina and her mother cried with joy as they realised that Marina and all of her brothers and sisters would be able to attend school.

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