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A committee has been working through applications to legalise unlicensed churches in Egypt after a law was passed in 2016 to expedite the process. Last year, over 1,000 churches received official approval.

Fortunately, the process has continued and, as a result, more applications have been granted. On 2 April, another 74 churches were legalised, bringing the total now to 1,568 out of the 3,730 submitted applications.

Until the 2016 legislation, it was nearly impossible for churches to obtain required licensing to build or restore a building, resulting in a large number of unlicensed structures.

Sources: Church in Chains, Watani

  • Praise God for this favourable development.
  • Pray that the committee will be equipped to continue their work of clearing up the backlog, so that churches still awaiting approval will have the needed documentation to continue in ministry.
  • Pray that Christians throughout Egypt find ways to effectively reach out with the Gospel of Christ.

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