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Eman Morco Saroufim, a 39-year-old Christian mother of five children, was kidnapped from her village in Menia, Egypt, on 3 September by an armed Muslim man.

Officials initially denied that Eman had been kidnapped, reporting that she had willingly left her family and converted to Islam.

Eman escaped her captors on 26 September and has publicly stated that she is a Christian and will never convert to Islam. Eman’s abductor has threatened to kidnap her children if she does not return to him.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for Eman’s faithfulness; thank the Lord too that she is now free from her abductor. Ask Him to help her to overcome her ordeal.
  • Pray for Eman and her children; ask the Lord to shield them from anyone who has evil intentions towards them.
  • Pray the Lord will bring change in this nation; ask Him to ensure authorities uphold justice and truth.