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Various Islamic extremist groups operate in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS). Christian converts from Islam face the most problems, including being expelled from their families, being divorced by their Muslim spouses, losing their children and losing their jobs. Christians who are outspoken about their faith are often beaten or imprisoned.

Egypt’s prosecutor-general opened an investigation into the murder of a Coptic priest in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria on Thursday, prosecutors said.

Arsanios Wadid was a priest who served in the Church of the Virgin Mary in Alexandria. On 8 April, during Iftar, he was walking along the popular seaside promenade in Alexandria where he was violently attacked. Forensic reports revealed that one of the three stab wounds severed a main artery in Fr Wadid’s neck. He later succumbed to his injuries and died.

When Christians are attacked or kidnapped by extremist Muslims, the government rarely provides protection or assistance. Please pray for a thorough investigation. Pray also for the safety of Arsanios’ family and other Christians in Egypt during Ramadan.

Source: The National News, The Telegraph, Washington Post