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‘Elijah’ (not his real name), a graduate student from a Bible college in the Philippines, recounts a recent time when, as a student pastor, he helped his village escape from Islamic extremists.

Elijah is about twenty years old and his work is vital for the Gospel to spread in Southern Mindanao, that is in an area that is being terrorised by Islamic radicals. As a student pastor, Elijah’s days are very different to the life of a student pastor in Australia. Elijah doesn’t have a senior minister to guide and support him as he learns about the ministry. Elijah’s church did not have a pastor at all, which is why Elijah was sent there. He was trained and sent to be a pastor in an area that had no pastors due to persecution. Pastors are threatened and killed and many have had to leave for safety. Elijah’s life is at risk every day. He is willing to die for Christ so that more people can find out about Jesus.

Thirteen Three invests in the next generation of pastors because they are needed now to spread the Gospel. It is only God’s life-changing message that can bring an end to this violence and, most importantly, save them from their own destruction.

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