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Conditions in Eritrea continue to deteriorate despite a peace treaty signed with Ethiopia earlier this year that earned Ethiopia’s president, an evangelical Christian, the Nobel Peace Prize.

“The country is becoming worse and worse,” an Eritrean Christian said. “[There is] no electricity, little internet connection, the economy is bad and people are suffering. All phone calls are being monitored closely.”

There are currently 600 Christians in prison in Eritrea and about 47 children of Christians left without adult caretakers. “Many people are thinking of leaving,” another Christian said. “Our families are in deep suffering in here.”

Imprisoned Christians are not given a trial or allowed to see their families, many of whom do not know where their loved ones are imprisoned or even if they are still alive. Christians simply disappear and are assumed to be in government prisons. These prisoners of faith are sent to the strictest and most remote prisons. The conditions inside these prisons are some of the harshest in the world. The Christian prisoners are provided meagre rations, treated very poorly and, in some prisons, sometimes held in shipping containers in extreme desert conditions for years.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Eritrean Christians that they will not be come weary or lose heart.
  • Ask God to strengthen and uphold believers who are currently in prison. Pray the Lord will provide for and protect the children of imprisoned believers.
  • Pray Christian prisoners will have contact with other believers for fellowship and encouragement.

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