ERITREA: Prisoner Released

Voice of the Martyrs has received confirmation that Pastor Oqbamichel Haiminot (also spelled Okbamichael) has been released. VOM contacts say he is in need of medical care.

Pastor Oqbamichel Haiminot, senior pastor of the Kale Hiwot (Word of Life) Church became the first senior Eritrean church leader to be imprisoned for his Christian activities in 2003. At that time, he spent a few weeks in prison.

In January 2005 while participating in a wedding ceremony, Pastor Oqbamichel, the bride and groom along with 66 other evangelicals, were all arrested. Government officials told relatives the group had been taken to the Sawa military centre for “military punishment.” Most of the Christians arrested were gradually released over the next few months, but Pastor Oqbamichel and five others were kept in detention.

When Pastor Oqbamichel refused to recant, he was put in solitary confinement and suffered extreme abuse. After four months of inhumane circumstances, Oqbamichel suffered a mental breakdown and was subsequently released. However, in October 2007, he was rearrested and was imprisoned in the 5th Police Station.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the release of Pastor Oqbamichel, ask God to provide him with physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Ask God to help Pastor Oqbamichel to overcome the lengthy time in prison and adjust to a new life. Pray the Lord’s protective hand may be upon him.
  • Intercede for the remaining prisoners. Ask God to minister to them and pray for their release.
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