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Tokuma lives in an area of Ethiopia dominated by tribal religions. When he became a Christian two years ago, he desired to grow in his faith, but there was only one Bible to share among the 20 members of his small church.

Members took turns with the Bible, returning it to the church every Friday so their church planter could prepare for his Sunday teaching.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Tokuma hungered to know more. “I always was questioning many things about Christianity. I understood that the Holy Spirit helps with guiding me, but how can I confirm God’s truth without His Word?” he said. After longing for his own Bible for years, Tokuma recently received his own copy when a shipment of Bibles was delivered to his church earlier this year. “It was such an encouragement to receive my Bible,” he said.

“I am studying and equipping myself to do God’s work.”

The Bibles have led to growth in the church. “When we received the Bibles, our work has now grown to four villages,” said the church planter who leads Tokuma’s church. As the number of Ethiopian believers continues to grow, the demand for Bibles also increases, but economic limitations make it difficult for many believers to own a Bible in their own language.

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for the growth of the local church. Pray these believers will grow in their faith as they read God’s Word.
  • Pray that the Gospel will continue to spread throughout Ethiopia and that access to Bibles will also increase.
  • Ask the Lord to bless and increase the work of Voice of the Martyrs and other Bible distributing organisations to spread God’s Word to where it is most needed.