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Chaltu Abdalla was born and raised in a Muslim family, but she found faith in Christ when she was young. She later married a Christian man and started a family.

Earlier this year, her husband was killed by gunmen, and their home, crops and possessions were burned to the ground in violent ethnic-based conflicts that targeted evangelical Christians. Chaltu went to her family for support after her husband’s death, but they refused to help her and her children unless she returned to Islam.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

However, Chaltu remained firm in her faith. “I will not forsake the Lord Jesus,” she told her family. “He is my relative.” She has returned to her home village and is struggling, yet she continues to hope in God.

“When people ask her how she is going to continue living like this, she tells them, ‘Jesus is my relative,'” a frontline worker said.

Let us pray.

  • Pray for Chaltu and her children as they rebuild their lives after losing everything.
  • Thank the Lord for her faithfulness and pray that her unwavering witness will lead her Muslim family to faith in Christ.
  • Pray she will receive much love, support and care from her Christian family.