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After Muslim mobs destroyed 12 churches in the Alaba zone in 2019, believers waiting for their churches to be rebuilt report an increased dedication to missions and outreach in their communities.

In a single day, extremists moved through the town of Alaba Kulito and destroyed 12 church buildings. Two years later, church leaders and evangelists now report that their congregations are more motivated than ever to share the Gospel with their persecutors.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

One congregation sent five evangelists to an unreached people group. Another evangelist reported that more people responded to the Gospel message in the previous two months than in six months of previous work.

“The persecution has awakened the churches for missions. We were prioritising buildings, furnishing them and buying other materials. But now our number one priority is missions,”

one of the church elders said. “After the persecution we haven’t raised funds for church buildings and other materials but for missions.”

Let us pray.

  • Praise the Lord for bringing good from suffering and evil.
  • Pray the efforts of these believers will bring eternal change to the hearts of many.
  • Pray too that other believers will be encouraged by the work and efforts of the church members.