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When Muslims in eastern Ethiopia forced a small congregation out of the home used for meetings, they expected the Christian presence in their area to cease, but the number of believers has increased in the last year.

Christians in the region, which is 98% Muslim, used to meet for worship on Sundays in the living room of one of the believers.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Local Muslims pressured the man’s landlord to evict him, and then the believer was unable to rent another house because the same Muslims had threatened other landlords. The church had no place to meet, and the believers were in great despair. However, with assistance from believers outside Ethiopia, the small church purchased a piece of land and built a worship space.

Today, the church has grown from 58 people to more than 70. Many of those who persecuted the church told the believers that they were shocked that the believers managed to hold onto their faith. The church leaders told VOM,

“We observed God’s presence in our midst through this experience and we are spiritually renewed.”

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for the dedication of believers and the growth of the church. Thank the Lord for His provision.
  • Pray that the believers will continue to grow in faith and number.
  • Pray that the Lord may be at work in the community through the witness of His children; drawing even those who oppose Him.