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On the front lines in Indonesia “We are grateful to God that He has entrusted us to minister to these people.”

Voice of the Martyrs proudly funds the ministry activities of front line workers in many nations. These workers are compelled by Jesus’ words in Mathew 28:19-20 to “Go and make disciples…” By providing an allowance to these evangelists, it releases them to do ministry work and helps to build God’s kingdom in some of the darkest and most restricted areas of the world.

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, with a total of more than 220 million Muslims, or about 13% of the world’s Muslim population.

While most Indonesian Muslims practise an animistic and superstitious version of Islam known as ‘folk’ Islam, proponents of Islamic extremism have encouraged and engaged in violence against Christians. The wickedness of these attacks has led many Muslims to question their faith and to be more open to the Gospel and bold evangelists are taking advantage of this opportunity to share the Gospel and lead many Muslims to faith in Christ. These workers have counted the cost of following Christ and are sharing the Gospel, at great risk.

It is illegal to evangelise, and difficult for Muslims and others to convert to Christianity. Christians living in cities can worship openly. In rural areas, however, churches that actively share their faith face persecution from Muslims, local governments and the community. Muslims pay a price for converting to Christianity, those who openly share their faith face pressure from family members because their conversion affects the family’s social standing. Muslim families often disown their children who come to faith in Christ.

A team of evangelists have been working since 2006, to bring the Gospel to the Sundanese tribe of Indonesia. God is blessing their efforts. The team leader recently shared an update.

Since 2006 we have been reaching out to the Sundanese tribe in the south Sukabumi area. Praise God that our evangelism efforts are fruitful even though we have faced many challenges and obstacles on the mission field.

By God’s grace, our evangelism activities continue to grow, both in terms of the people whom we are evangelising to and the areas we are reaching. It all started with a family of five members and has grown to more than 3,000 believers.

Since 2010 God gave us a heart to seek and save the lost in West Java and Banten. In West Java province alone, we already have outreached to 13 districts and cities, 81 sub-districts, and 487 villages. In Banten province, we have outreached to three districts, 12 sub-districts, and 71 villages.

Since then, God has led us to go to other areas in Indonesia’s Islands. Praise God that now we have been operating in 14 provinces, 87 districts/cities, 337 sub-districts, and 1767 villages.

The believers are divided into small cell groups for discipleship. Our field leaders in each region have the responsibility to disciple about 500 – 600 believers, we also have 12 elders who each of them has the responsibility of supervising one province.

There are two things that we have been working on in reaching the lost. Firstly, through social services and then spiritual services. We start with social ministry, it’s a bridge for us to develop relationships with the local communities and also the government. Spiritual ministry is then set up to follow up those who are won for Christ through the social ministry activities. Our social ministry includes helping poor village farmers in rural communities with environmental sanitation systems and information on health. We also help them to create micro-business groups for small businesses, farmers and fishermen. In addition, we try to engage the younger generation with youth soccer competitions. We also carry out education and counselling on the dangers of smoking, drugs abuse, pre-marital sex, etc.

In 2021, one of the ministry initiatives we have started is to reach those with special needs – they need salvation too. We have been ministering to them through life skill training such as sewing, learning sign language, embroidery, make up, etc. All this is just a bridge to share the love of Christ with them.

Many of those we reach for Christ face opposition; some are banished by their own families. As several of our own team members have faced similar circumstances, we are well placed to offer advice, encouragement and help.

Please pray for us, our ministry security and that our ministry will continue to be fruitful, especially when we face opposition from local Muslims – which is our main obstacle. We are grateful to God that He has entrusted us to minister to these people.

Voice of the Martyrs is continuing to fund the ministry activities of this team, if you wish to support these evangelists and other front line workers, please donate to our Front Line Ministry Fund.