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Abd Elmalak and Om Wael lost their 19-year-old son Bishoy on Palm Sunday while he attended the church service at Alexandria. Bishoy worked as a plumber to help support his parents. His father Abd Elmalak who is 55 years of age, had fallen from a three-story building injuring both of his legs. As a consequence, Abd Elmalak has been unable to work.

To restore the use of his legs, Abd Elmalak requires surgery and he was desperately trying to raise enough money for the operation. Now however, they have not only lost their son, but all means of financial support has also been taken from them.

Although Abd Elmalak and Om Wael are believers and even though they love the Lord, tragic circumstances have unfolded and impacted their lives. The devastating loss of their son has caused them to hold fast to the Lord and continue to faithfully follow Him. Their character and destiny is not dependent on their circumstances.

But you came
Our contact met Bishoy’s mother and was astonished as she said something very strange to him: “I knew that you were coming today!” He asked her “How did you know I was coming today?” She replied, “This morning I was praying and I was telling the Lord we do not have any money for our daily needs. Our only son who was helping us financially was martyred. But in my heart, I felt that someone was coming to help us today!”

“This day her prayer was answered” said our contact.

VOM Australia was able to give a financial gift through our contact, which will help Abd Elmalak have his operation as well as provide six months’ supply for their daily needs. Om Wael said, “Your visit and love gift came at the precise time for our family as we really have been suffering. I was confident that God was going to visit us today and He did it through you to fulfil our great needs.”

God hears the cries of his beloved and He does answer prayer. Om Wael and her husband experienced God’s great love at a time of great hardship and the loss of their son Bishoy. Please continue to pray that God will supply this family’s needs.

May we always be ready when God calls us, to serve and bring assistance to a fellow brother or sister, not only in a restricted nation but even to those in our own nation.