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We provide help for those who have suffered persecution themselves and for the families of martyrs or prisoners. Such help assists in the immediate aftermath of a persecution event and in meeting ongoing or long-term needs. Assistance includes living expenses, prison visitation trips, education and orphanages for children, microbusinesses, training programmes and safe houses for Christians whose lives are in danger.

Afghanistan (Muslim world) – Emergency Response

Following the hurried US withdrawal in August, 5,000 Taliban prisoners were released back into the population. The Taliban regrouped and took Kabul and thus the entire country. They actively searched communities, including homes and businesses, for Christians and anyone else who opposed them during the US occupation. Christians were forced to flee their homes; they soon became in desperate need of food and other provisions. Many families were provided with food, funds and transport to places of safety. The project is ongoing.
Funds provided: $130,000

Egypt (Muslim world) – Help for a Former Muslim and Her Children

VOM provided safe accommodation and expenses for a woman whose husband beat her, then forced her to
leave home after she left Islam for Christianity. Her three children have since joined her. This Christian woman is now voluntarily working at a VOM-sponsored ministry centre to serve other Muslim background believers.
Funds provided: $9,570

Egypt, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Palestine, Myanmar, Burkina Faso – Christmas Care

Children of persecuted families can be particularly vulnerable to discrimination, harassment and bullying. In restricted nations, persecution often brings poverty and hardship, so parents of persecuted children are unable to provide gifts at this special time of year. The gifts included a children’s Bible or Christian storybook plus other items as determined by our local contacts, such as school supplies, clothing, food and a toy.
Funds provided: $207,000

Burkina Faso (Muslim world) – Education for Children of Displaced Families

In Burkina Faso, Christians are greatly affected by violence from extremist groups. Many have lost their lives and tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes to seek refuge elsewhere. Education quickly becomes an unmet need. VOM contributed to the costs of education for more than 1,000 children.
Funds provided: $13,680

Vietnam (Communist world) – Water Wells

Funds were provided to drill water wells in eight different locations for persecuted Christian families. These families have been forbidden from using community wells (previously funded by other non-profit organisations) as they are Christians and refuse to renounce their faith.
Funds provided: $12,845