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There are times in our lives when God allows remarkable situations that will always be dear to one’s heart. To be part of a Bible distribution in Nepal was truly one of those precious memories that will never be forgotten.

Our VOM team in Nepal had loaded up their four wheel drives with stocks of Bibles and had prearranged with pastors to meet believers in a secret location.

After driving for a few hours, we proceeded off-road, crossing stony riverbeds with water halfway up our wheels, until we finally reached our destination. Upon arrival, as we exited our vehicles, we saw what looked like an exodus of people, all dressed in colourful clothing, walking toward us through the icy river and over the smooth stones to receive a Bible.

It was an amazing experience to see so many people gathering at this location. Our contacts informed us that these brothers and sisters had walked six hours to be here and receive a Bible, and we only had a 20-minute window of time in which to distribute safely. I was impressed by the organisation of our contacts with such a large number of people. There was a list of names to ensure nobody missed out on a Bible. Keeping as quiet and discreet as possible, the people were quickly arranged in groups. Once everybody was in position, the distribution was set in motion. Holding a dozen or so Bibles, I eagerly passed them out to the outstretched hands ready to receive God’s Word with such delight.

What impressed me was when the Word of God was received in their hands, many of them kissed the cover of the Bible, and some opened the Bible and first sniffed the pages and then kissed the Holy Scriptures. They eagerly took the Word of God into their hearts and this was evident by the smiles on their faces. Some ladies covered their heads in respect for receiving the Word of God.

When one of the leaders saw that all the Bibles had been distributed, he asked us all to bow our heads in the presence of God while he committed to Him the precious time we had with this distribution. Then he asked the believers to express in their own language their thankfulness to God for receiving a Bible this day.

There was a gentle murmuring of believers humbly praying individually and thanking God for the precious life-giving book they held in their hands. Even the children looked in amazement at the colourful illustrated pages of their Bibles, pointing to some of the illustrations and discussing them with one other.

There was no food given on that day, only Bibles for 600 believers, but I felt that a tremendous feeding of the soul had begun for those who received His precious Word.

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