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Our financial report for 2015 reflects the effective way your donations were invested to support the persecuted church throughout the world. Each project and its expenditure was carefully researched to ensure we obtained the best possible outcome for that specific project. We believe our accountability to you, and above all to the Lord whom we serve, is paramount.

Voice of the Martyrs experienced a strong year of growth in 2015, with our highest annual income to date. Due to this strong growth, our income exceeded our anticipated requirements for 2015 projects. In order to ensure sustainability and wise distribution of funds to best meet the needs of the persecuted church, the surplus will be allocated to additional projects in 2016 and following years.



This chart illustrates in which specific areas of ministry our funds were spent in 2015. As we serve the persecuted church, we work in conjunction with our local contacts in each country, listening carefully to their project requests. Our International Development Committee meets regularly to consider all projects submitted for approval. Every project is then classified into one of our fund categories.