Front Line Ministry

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated – since you yourselves are in the body also.” Hebrews 13:3 (NKJV)

Real people, on the frontlines of faith, in restricted nations. They face isolation, harassment, unemployment, homelessness, arrest, kidnapping, threats, loss of family members and sometimes even their own lives. They know the risks, yet they serve God, relying on Him to strengthen them as they spread the Gospel.

Praise God for their courage.

VOM’s Front Line Ministry fund directly assists pastors, evangelists and full-time Christian workers who bravely minister in the face of hostility and persecution.

Last year, with the help of our supporters, we funded 105 Front Line Ministry projects.

In Indonesia we supported a frontline evangelist and his team to boldly and strategically share the Gospel with Muslims. Through this evangelist and his team, thousands of people have heard the Gospel and have come to Christ. Believers are then led through a discipleship program to help them grow in their faith.

In Vietnam we supplied 12 motorbikes for church planters in frontline ministry among unreached people groups. These church planters are active both in evangelism and caring for and encouraging persecuted Christians in mountainous areas, where Gospel activities are banned by the government.

In the Philippines we equipped men and women for the purpose of expanding God’s kingdom in the Muslim-dominated area of Mindanao. Students are trained in the Bible in preparation for evangelising and planting churches. Part of their training includes house-to-house evangelism, ministering to the sick in hospital and visiting prisoners. These students are the future leaders of the Christian community in this dangerous region.

In Iraq we helped provide a spacious and safe place for believers to meet to worship the Lord in Erbil. This church is growing by God’s grace and the bold witness of believers. Most Kurds are Muslim, and it is a radical decision to leave Islam to become a Christian, yet every week new people find their way to the church.

In Pakistan we helped provide monthly support for 15 local pastors in different areas in Pakistan. There is an enormous pressure on Christians in Pakistan from the Muslim majority. Bold pastors throughout the country continue to spread the Gospel and encourage the believers, despite the hostile environment and difficulties.

Will you assist Christians who bravely minister in the face of persecution?

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