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David’s thirst for truth started as a young child in Indonesia during his Islamic schooling. Today, as a Christian, David is committed to bringing the Gospel to Muslims.

David’s father was the local village imam and held a strict Muslim regime in the family’s home and, like many Muslim boys, David was sent to the local Islamic school from the age of 10.

During his upbringing and training as a Muslim, David always sought the truth and his dissatisfaction urged him to start searching when he left school.

One of David’s friends, a former classmate, had become a Christian. Despite their differences, the two boys’ friendship continued. Through this friendship, David encountered many evangelists who shared about Jesus and eventually, he began attending a weekly Bible study.

Still, after years of Bible studies, David held back. He wanted to know the truth but he was afraid of being rejected by his family.

One day, David’s Islamic friends called him an infidel because of his involvement with Christians and this accusation hurt him deeply. He realised how their shallow friendship compared to the love he saw in his Christian friends and it led him to choose Jesus.

Immediately, David felt an incredible peace in his heart unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He felt that he truly was born again with a new life.

David became bolder in his faith and many times tried to share the Gospel with his father. Eventually, two years after becoming a Christian, David was baptised and was courageous enough to tell his father who became enraged. Taking a large walking stick, he chased David out of their home and down the street, screaming as he tried to strike him. Neighbours were alarmed by the commotion when they saw that the imam’s son had deserted his Islamic faith.

David soon went on to study at an underground Bible college and quickly became involved in evangelism. After being at the Bible college for a year, he was able to overcome his fear and called his father to try and make peace. His father insisted that he renounce Jesus but David would not, so his father refused to speak to him.

When David graduated from the Bible college, he returned to the island where he had grown up and began sharing with the locals.

David’s prayer was answered when he was finally able to meet his father again. Seeing how his son had changed since becoming a Christian, the imam accepted Christ.

David is now working for a foundation that gives relief to the victims of the eastern Lombok earthquake. He is focussed on reaching out to his village and has baptised seven people including his father and mother. David now leads a weekly cell group to teach the Bible.

We first told David’s story in November 2014; this is the most recent update.

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