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Dear Friends,

As people have been consumed with COVID-19 for the past 12 months, the plight of those imprisoned for their faith seems to have become less important in the eyes of the world.

In China, the number of Christians imprisoned skyrocketed as the Chinese Communist Party exercised its authority to suppress anyone who does not adhere to their flawed, demonic ideology.

From Pakistan, we are receiving regular reports of Christians falsely imprisoned for blasphemy. We remember these cases in daily prayer.

In addition to detaining Christians, local authorities in Vietnam intimidate, beat and fine believers in an attempt to force them to renounce their faith.

The enemy is not asleep and many Christians are arrested and imprisoned without the world acknowledging these injustices, as it focuses on the destruction and grief wreaked by COVID-19.
Faithfully, during this time, Christians across the globe are asking God to minister to those in prison and aid them in their daily struggles. The Bible is clear: our prayers will not go unanswered and all things work for the good of those who love him.

Persecuted believers carry on unhindered, daily doing as God commanded despite the threat of retribution, imprisonment or death. Their faith is resolute. Many, who have been released from prison, have testified that it was a blessed time, as they were able to share their faith with others, including the goodness of God whilst in prison.

As Richard Wurmbrand said:

“Christians are meant to have the same vocation as their King, that of cross-bearers. It is this conscience of a high calling and of partnership with Jesus which brings gladness in tribulations, which makes Christians enter prisons for their faith with the joy of a bridegroom entering the bridal room.”

May God sincerely bless you as you pray and partner with us.

In Christ,
Tony Benjamin