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Dear Friends,

This month provides us with an opportunity to report on our ministry activities and expenses for 2018. This publication explains how your generous donations have been used to assist persecuted believers and further this most crucial work, which now spans some 68 countries.

We have had an incredible year. We have seen God’s hand upon our ministry in reaching many more persecuted believers than we ever have in one year. This is an awe-inspiring feat as we enter our 50th year of this ministry.

Bibles continue to be the most sought-after resource for persecuted Christians, and you will see a continuation of our efforts to bring this most precious book to persecuted believers around the world. Our support in equipping frontline pastors and evangelists plays a critical part in ensuring the Great Commission urgently continues, even to those who are the persecutors.

Often the focus is on those directly persecuted, but there are others affected who too are innocent but forgotten, like the widows, families and children of those martyred for their faith. At Voice of the Martyrs, these believers are precious to us and we support them through various means, depending on the specific challenges they face. Medical needs cannot be forgotten as persecution often involves violence and bodily harm and is frequently accompanied by poverty. The needs are many, including the most basic of needs such as fresh, clean drinking water. We have been able to distribute numerous LifeStraw community water filters, which assist in providing clean water to many.

This past year has also seen us become more active in our Australian ministry, where we generate awareness of Christian persecution in the local church. This is a most crucial ministry for us, as it allows us to share the latest information on what is happening in restricted nations, our role in supporting the persecuted church and explains how

Australian Christians can partner with us. Our goal is to be more visible to you, so please invite one of our representatives along to share at your church or informal gathering.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for this outstanding result which would not have been possible without God’s hand and guidance and the unrelenting support and prayers from you, our faithful supporters and our team at Voice of the Martyrs.

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