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Dear Friends,
According to Matthew 18:20, β€œFor where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

This is how many of our persecuted brothers and sisters worship in nations hostile to the Gospel. They congregate in their homes, in small numbers, in secret. Often family members and neighbours are not even aware. In some nations, meeting as Christians carries the risk of being reported to the authorities. Consequences include interrogation and imprisonment. Yet, they continue to meet.

During such gatherings, often in humble surroundings, God is worshipped and glorified and His name lifted high. His grace and provision are evident. This time together helps believers to strengthen and encourage one another in the faith.

Unbelievers are coming to Christ in restricted countries now more than ever. Their faith quickly becomes strong, as they are forced to face the very real threat of persecution due to their new life in Christ.

The enemy is ever-present and attacks continue in an attempt to oppose the Gospel. In some cases, authorities prevent children of pastors from attending school; farmland is confiscated or newly converted families are banished from their villages, forced to leave their livelihood, home and community behind. This is the reality some believers face. These families need our care
and support.

We who have freedom to express ourselves, often overlook the strength and value that a godly family unit brings to our lives and society. Let us consider this and learn from persecuted Christians, uphold them in prayer and continue to support them.

I pray that as you read this edition of our newsletter, your heart will be stirred by the sacrifice of a multitude who serve and form part of the body of Christ.

God bless.

Tony Benjamin