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Dear Friends,

As we prepare to celebrate this very important time in our Christian calendar, let us not forget or abandon those who don’t have the blessings and privileges we typically enjoy.

A recent trip to Amman, Jordan, emphasised the plight of approximately 600,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria facing uncertainty and a fight for survival.

My heart was stirred by a story of two young Christian Iraqi boys, who travelled over several months for hundreds of kilometres by foot through Iraq to Jordan, to find a place of safety after their village was attacked by Islamic State. They, like their fellow refugees, have no legal standing in Jordan so cannot attend a government school or receive basic health benefits. Their future rests ultimately in God’s hands as they wait on the United

Nations for resettlement in the West. The wait is often prolonged and fraught with disappointment as told by a family with two young children who have seen others transit, yet still they wait, seven years on!

Money is scarce. Even the most basic daily needs are often unaffordable. Those who do find work are at risk of being exploited, as it’s illegal for them to work. Employers often rob casual workers of their pay knowing they cannot complain to the authorities.

Our mission partner in the region acts as a beacon of hope and God’s love for Christian families who have left everything to escape the scourge of Islamic State. Families are provided with food, basic education, trauma counselling and regular visitations, to aid and encourage them.

We are supplying our mission partner with Christmas Care packs (including a children’s Bible) to be distributed to the children of Christian families, providing further spiritual encouragement and practical support.

The message of Christmas is critical for these children as it’s a message of hope.

“You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word” Psalm 119:114.

If you would like to financially support our Christmas Care project go to

God bless.
Tony Benjamin