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In Turkey, both Christian children and new converts from Islam, must learn to deal with the likelihood that they will be persecuted for their faith in Jesus. The unimaginable pressure Christians face as they covertly practise their faith is often taxing on families. Equipping these vulnerable believers is a critical focus for Voice of the Martyrs.

Although the population of Turkey is less than 2% Christian, it is a refuge for Christians fleeing countries such as Iran, Iraq and Syria, where Islamic extremism is rife.

While recently visiting Turkey, we met with Iranian Christians who have fled the oppression in their country, whose primary aim is to return and share the Gospel. Many we met and prayed with, are preparing to go back to Iran as pastors and evangelists. They are praying for the fall of the current regime as it will allow them the opportunity to return home and share what God has done for them and share the Gospel there.

Fellow believers, at Voice of the Martyrs we are unwavering in supporting and equipping the persecuted minority Christians in Turkey. As always, this action is only possible with your faithful prayer and financial support.

VOM is helping believers in Turkey in the following ways:

  • We supply Bibles in local dialects.
  • We support and encourage persecuted children by funding Christian camps.
  • We provide resources including God’s Word to Christians who have sought refuge in Turkey.

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Tony Benjamin