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Dear Friends,

As we enter a new year, current circumstances in our troubled world urge us to pray and act. Persecuted believers whom we serve, receive as much help and support as we can provide, and this often extends to their physical well-being.

Our brothers and sisters in restricted nations including Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria – featured in this edition – require medical care. These believers, who do not ask for help but endure with dignity, are the unsung heroes of our faith.

As minority Christians, they receive little or no help from the authorities and so it is up to their fellow believers to stand in the gap to provide much-needed relief from
persecution-related illness or injury.

One group of believers we are supporting comprises released prisoners from Vietnam. Many of them have ongoing medical needs because of the brutal incarceration they have had to endure while imprisoned unjustly for their faith. We also know of women and children in Jordan, who have lost husbands and fathers through persecution and cannot afford even basic medical assistance. They too need our support.

Then there are the minority Christians in Pakistan who suffer severe discrimination and a lack of opportunity which brings poverty and a deficiency of basic medical care. Something as simple as providing a cataract operation can restore sight and help ensure a fuller and more productive life.

Amira, who I recently met in Jordan, has stage III cancer and is in desperate need. She is a Christian refugee who was forced to flee violence and unrest in Iraq. There are no medical services available to her in Jordan. Her husband who is unemployed is caring for her full-time.

It’s difficult for us to comprehend the desperate need our suffering brethren face.

We pray many of you will partner with us in providing much-needed medical assistance for our suffering brothers and sisters.

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” 3 John 2.

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God bless.
Tony Benjamin