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Dear Friends,

In many restricted nations, Christians have been further marginalised during the pandemic. Many have been denied daily food, safe refuge and much-needed medical help. Lives have been lost due to a lack of medical help as treatment was not given to those Christians in a timely manner.

In the last eight months we have received more cries for medical help from Christians in restricted nations than ever before, so we commence 2021 with directing our attention to the medical needs of our persecuted fellow believers.

We have received reports of children going blind simply because a cataract operation, which costs less than $50, is not affordable due to persecution-related poverty.

We recently heard from a believer who escaped from Syria as a refugee to Jordan. She is in urgent need of treatment for cancer. As refugees, the family are living in poverty. After selling all the possessions they had escaped with, the family were able to pay for cancer treatment drugs for one month. This dear sister still needs a further six months of medication for the treatment to be effective.

The reports we receive from restricted nations often reveal the lowest acts of inhumanity, including withholding essential medical treatment from Christians, just because of their faith.

The most distressing part for me and my team is deciding on whom we can help and whom we sadly cannot, due to a lack of financial resources. This is especially difficult when all the requests are real and from faithful believers who find themselves in dire need.

Please accept the challenge, alongside us, to provide medical assistance to our dear brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer for HIs name.

With your help, we can extend our resources further, as we continue to seek God’s wisdom and pray for His discernment.

Thank you for your support and the blessing you are to the work of Voice of the Martyrs.

We pray 2021 is a blessed and prosperous year for you and your loved ones.

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Yours in Christ,
Tony Benjamin