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Dear Friends,

“We don’t tremble before communism. They should be in panic because of us.”

These are the profound words from our founder Richard Wurmbrand, which ring true when we understand the amount of disdain the Chinese Communist Party has for Christians. Their determination to wipe out Christianity for their failing ideology is staggering.

Even while the world is grappling with a pandemic which started in China, the relentless pursuit of Christians continues. The pursuit of control both in China and North Korea is evident in the number of population controls which are in place, including mass surveillance systems to track movement and activity, monitor purchases and contacts, and manage social credits.

Some of these may sound familiar, even here in Australia. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that communism is not present here. Some members of our major political parties subscribe to this ideology and many communist values are already ingrained in our education systems. The influence of Chinese communist thinking has already penetrated our society.

Communism is alive and well and wrestling control over unsuspecting communities around the globe. We cannot allow ourselves to be complacent.

How do Christians deal with this oppressive ideology of communism in countries like China and North Korea?

In this newsletter edition we share stories of triumph over adversity. I am always encouraged by how, during hardship, persecuted Christians spend more time reading and relying on God’s Word, than on their current circumstances, however severe or dire. They draw daily strength from the Scriptures. They meet in their homes regularly and have their praise and worship times together as a family. They encourage each other and draw strength from those of us who are praying for them. Persecuted believers understand the power of prayer and actively participate.

Whilst speaking to one of our main contacts in China recently, I asked how they were dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the relentless pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party to eradicate all Christian activity. He replied, “We need your prayers so through these troubled times we can reach more for Christ, but we are also praying for you in the West so you can prepare for what is to come.”

Tony Benjamin