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It is alarming to note the resurgence of communism in our world today. We find Christians are being targeted in China, particularly if they hold a place of authority or if they have a high profile. This is also prevalent in other countries like Vietnam, North Korea, Laos and Cuba.

The dominant political and economic ideology of communism is a force being used in an attempt to eradicate the worship of Christ. The Chinese communists have even started a push to remove the first commandment from the official Three-Self Church – “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Providing Bibles, the living Word as we know it – rather than the communist version of the Bible, which contains Mao writings as an introduction – is of utmost importance, as it provides believers with the fundamental principles of the faith and encourages them to be an effective witness for Christ. In addition to the Bibles, we will supply provisions like essential daily food items and blankets, as needed.

As Pastor Richard Wurmbrand once proclaimed to the body of Christ, “The message I bring from the underground church is: ‘Don’t abandon us! Don’t forget us! Don’t write us off! Give us the tools we need! We will pay the price for using them!’”
With the upsurge of communism, we find the most requested ‘tool’ in communist countries is the Bible. We agree that this is THE most important resource for equipping the saints who suffer for their faith.

Your participation in this campaign will assist us in equipping the communist world with God’s Word in many different languages.

Please consider supporting this most important distribution of God’s Word and essential items for our fellow believers who suffer for their faith. For more information go to

God bless.
Tony Benjamin