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Dear Friends,

Global news is filled with media coverage of Iran.

Current events in Iran have highlighted the ongoing struggle between a self-serving regime and those who seek liberty. Those who oppose the current system are being dealt with harshly; many have been killed. However, the turbulent times in Iran have created many positives for those who seek to spread the Gospel. Muslims are increasingly questioning the Islamic regime and searching for true freedom.

We know, to be a follower of Jesus Christ is where true freedom is experienced. The reality in many countries, such as Iran, is that where oppression and persecution occurs, the Gospel is keenly received and many come to Christ. We have received many reports of this happening in Iran today.

Voice of the Martyrs is engaged in smuggling Bibles into Iran. Regardless of the danger, our faithful colleagues in that region make this necessity happen, bringing much joy to those who cannot source Bibles locally.

We run Bible classes with Iranian Christians in countries surrounding their homeland. We train them in the Word to equip them for effective ministry. These believers are committed to return to Iran so that they can share the Gospel with unbelievers, albeit at great risk.

Iranians who are preparing to return to share the Gospel tell us that they fear the development of political turmoil, having seen the consequences in Iraq. When that regime fell, it left a void which was filled by ISIS and other rebel groups. In the current unrest in Iran, these believers are preparing to spread the Gospel to all those who are willing to listen and receive Him.

Fellow believers, what a unique chance for us to change a nation!

Please consider supporting this amazing opportunity to bring God’s life-changing Word to a nation desperate for true freedom.

This month, we also start our annual Bibles Plus campaign, to aid Christians who are suffering from persecution and poverty in places like India, Philippines, Pakistan and China. By providing a Bibles Plus pack to a believer in a restricted nation, you will be demonstrating the practical love of God in affording both spiritual and physical sustenance.

Please consider supporting the distribution of God’s Word to all who seek Him.

“But the word of God grew and multiplied.” Acts 12:24

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God bless.
Tony Benjamin