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Malaysia and Brunei are very interesting, yet complex countries. They both have Muslim-majority populations and both apply their own manner of control over their inhabitants, based on their brand of Islamic law.

I hope this month’s newsletter provides some insight into the challenging environment in which Muslim background believers embrace their new-found faith in Jesus Christ and stand firm in the face of immeasurable resistance for their bold step.

New believers are forced to walk away from friends and family who won’t tolerate apostates, and start life over. Islamic radicalism is constantly present and is pressuring the authorities to implement more of their brand of Sharia law.

While visiting these two nations recently, I met many Christians who are steadfast in their pursuit of God’s love and His presence. Praise and worship in the flourishing house church movements are electrifying with the power of the Holy Spirit – the presence of the Lord is tangible.

Be greatly encouraged, as I was, with how Christians are coping with the ever-changing pressure to renounce their faith and are overcoming these challenges by immersing themselves in God’s Word and spending quality time with Him.

Discipleship and leadership training are needed to enable them to go forth and share the Gospel with others. The house church movement is growing rapidly, and the church needs quality leaders to undergird this growth as they build a solid foundation that will withstand the constant barrage of Islamic radicalism.

The team present were immensely blessed and honoured to share in meetings with local believers, have meals together and enjoy Christ-centred conversations. We sang praises, worshipped with one heart, prayed together, and the tears flowed freely. We give praise for such an anointed time together.

The Body of Christ is healthy in these countries.

God bless.

Tony Benjamin

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