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Dear VOM family,

The stories in this edition highlight the fragile situation many children experience, in places where Christians are persecuted. Their lives are overwhelmed with suffering and deprivation of their physical and spiritual needs.

Our Christmas Care campaign aims to bring a little relief to these oppressed children.

My heart breaks when I visit many of these nations and see children suffer opposition because they follow Jesus. Most often, they follow their parents’ example, and therefore suffer the same fate. This may include marginalisation in addition to deprivation of basic needs such as food, clean water, an education, and freedom to express their faith in Jesus Christ.

By communist government decree, children are not allowed into churches any longer in China. In Turkey there are limited opportunities for Christian learning. In Pakistan many children are forced to work in brick kilns to help pay family debts, instead of growing and learning, and becoming contributing members of society.

Life for multitudes of children is truly on the edge and your contribution to the Christmas Care campaign will help bring some spiritual encouragement to many. A children’s Bible will be provided in the packs, in addition to other country-specific items including school supplies and clothing.

Let me impress upon you the need for your support for these often-forgotten victims of religious persecution, and let’s make a difference which brings lasting value by providing God’s word to persecuted children.

My petition is that you will be touched by the stories in this edition and continue to lift these children up in prayer.
“The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any who understand, who seek God” Psalm 14:2.

God bless.
Tony Benjamin

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