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Dear Friends,

Family is fundamental, and the endless blessing it brings cannot be overstated. We innately long for close relationships with one another.

Pastors and families on the frontline of ministry in hostile nations face extreme pressure, as the challenges of ministry impact their daily lives.

We have heard of cases where pastors are imprisoned for preaching the Gospel and the family land is forcibly confiscated so there is no means of support. Children are also prevented from attending school.

How do they cope?

Other Christians and local churches will step in and help these families, where they are able. Prayer and fellowship are the life source that binds these believers together.

When a family member has been imprisoned for preaching, the rest of the family will often continue the work of making a difference in the community and making disciples.

We have numerous examples of this happening around the world. They carry on with the knowledge that the calling to serve the Lord is of much greater value than seeking material comforts.

I am encouraged by their perseverance and selflessness in pursuing the things of God in such dire circumstances. Their faith holds strong and shines through, regardless of their situation. Their request of us is that we pray that through all of the challenges they face, God may use them to show His unconditional love and compassion to those who do not know Him.

During this time of upheaval in the world, these families on the frontline need our continued prayer and support. These are the devoted men, women and children doing the heavy lifting for us as they make disciples and bring God’s hands and feet to people in hostile nations.

Continue to remember them. Uphold them in your prayers. We thank you for being an integral part of this vital ministry of Voice of the Martyrs.

“When He had called the people to Himself, with His disciples also, He said to them, ‘Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me’” Mark 8:34.

God bless.
Tony Benjamin