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When it comes to sharing the Gospel in hostile and restricted nations, front line workers must use wisdom and creativity. In Laos, travelling evangelists distribute VOM-provided radios to people in remote villages so they can listen to Christian broadcasts from a neighbouring country — and the villagers respond.

“Since we have received 2,000 radios, there are more people writing letters to us, especially from those we have never known before,” a VOM partner reported. “And there are more phone calls about people accepting Jesus through listening to the programs.”

In a single three-month period last year, 253 people professed faith in Christ. During the same period, front line workers baptised about 180 people and established three new house churches among the Khmu people. Virtually no spiritual leadership is available to these new believers, so they rely on the weekly radio program and visits from front line workers for encouragement and spiritual food. Visiting evangelists baptise new converts, explain difficult spiritual concepts and teach God’s Word.

In communist Laos, new believers face harsh persecution.

Front line workers are often the first to respond when believers are persecuted.

  • Pray for wisdom, clarity and understanding for Christians preparing radio broadcasts for people from differing languages and cultural backgrounds
  • Ask God to prepare more mature Christians who will commit to travel and disciple new believers in remote areas
  • Pray for front line workers to have energy, faithfulness and strength as they depend on God in their demanding roles
  • Pray for the provision of Bibles and clear, sound teaching so that converts can quickly become established and grounded in their faith