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VOM’s international projects are overseen by our local contacts or are achieved in cooperation with partner ministries. These select examples have been chosen to provide an overview of how Voice of the Martyrs encouraged and assisted persecuted Christians with the help of our supporters in 2020.

This fund directly assists pastors, evangelists and full-time Christian workers who courageously minister in the face of hostility and persecution. It includes provision to support underground Bible colleges, leadership training, evangelism resources, computers, transportation, small business equipment, pastor support programmes and equipping churches with resources.

Nigeria (Muslim world) – Discipleship care training

This project shelters new Muslim background believers from danger, grounds them in their faith in Christ, and helps them start a new life, spiritually and practically. Our mission partner provides accommodation, Bible training, pastoral care, literacy/numeracy training and vocational skills training. Afterwards, the disciples move back into their own community if they feel sufficiently safe, or into other communities, under the care of a local pastor or missionary.
Funds provided: $65,000

Jordan (Muslim world) – Pastoral care

A senior pastor and an elder are provided with an allowance to release them for ministry. In addition to serving their local church, they are involved in outreach to locals and refugees in Jordan and beyond. Both these men have suffered significant opposition from the authorities for their evangelism activities. Hundreds of people have come to know the Lord through their work.
Funds provided: $75,260

Indonesia, (Muslim world), Vietnam (Communist world), India (Hindu world) – Motorbikes for frontline workers

Thirty motorbikes were purchased and provided to evangelists and pastors. These church planters are active both in evangelism and nurturing persecuted Christians in remote tribal areas. Several of them have also been the victims of persecution.
Funds provided: $46,880