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Our distribution teams are committed to continue placing Bibles in the hands of our brothers and sisters who live in restricted nations.

“We distributed 250 packs to different churches in the area; some came from great distances. It was a joy and a blessing to see these people receiving the Bibles and other provisions. The people were so very happy and felt the blessing of God. We praise the Lord for Bibles Plus which touches many needy, persecuted Christians even in the remote areas of Mindanao.”
– Distribution partner, Mindanao, Philippines

“I am so much blessed and encouraged seeing the people receiving the Word of God joyfully, seeing their hunger for the Word. Praise the Lord for the ministry of VOM that we will be able to reach even to the very remote areas of the Philippines.”
– VOM worker, Philippines

“I encourage the people to come purely for the Word of Life they will receive through the loving gift of a Bible for each one, and the life packs are an extra blessing.”
– Distribution partner, Philippines

“The four-day distribution was victorious and successful despite the risk. Bibles Plus is a great blessing to persecuted Christians. Thank you for your prayers; the Lord was with the distribution team.”
– Distribution partner, Philippines

“Whether it will qualify as the best distribution or not, as it was done quietly because of the dangerous environment, I know that a certain untouched part of the persecuted body of Christ was blessed with Bibles Plus. Thank you.”
– VOM worker, India

“Watching them receive the Bible, I saw many of the believers hold it close to their face and kiss their holy book with a deep endearment of respect for what was inside. This is their commitment to receive the Word of God in their own language. It was a very precious moment for all of us, seeing these dear brethren holding the Bible close to their heart with a smile on their face.”
– VOM worker, Nepal

Many thousands of Bibles have been distributed since the Bibles Plus program began. This year we are committed to distributing Bibles, in various languages, throughout the communist countries of China, Laos, Vietnam and Cuba. For more information on Bibles Plus go to