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“When you face persecution day in and day out, you get discouraged and you can withdraw. There is nowhere where it is easy to preach the Gospel.”

–‘Rajul,’ a VOM-supported front line worker

Front line workers accept persecution as part of sharing about Jesus and planting churches. Many have been beaten and arrested for showing the Jesus film or distributing Christian literature.

You can encourage them in God’s work through prayer. Your daily prayers will encourage and empower their local ministry.

Rajul oversees a network of more than 5,700 pastors who have shared the Gospel in more than 20,000 villages across India. With your support, VOM provides training, evangelistic materials and transportation to better equip many dedicated to advancing God’s kingdom.

“To know so many people are praying for us, and that Voice of the Martyrs gives us Bibles and support to help us advance the Gospel, we are enormously encouraged.”


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