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Frontline Worker
Voice of the Martyrs is partnering with workers
on the front lines of hostile and restricted nations.

Our Frontline workers

These men and women work diligently to advance God’s kingdom. In some of the countries where they work, the consequences of being discovered are severe, but they persevere in service to God, even bringing their persecutors to Christ. Support our Christian brothers and sisters who are advancing God’s kingdom in the world’s most difficult and dangerous areas – no matter the cost.

Financially supporting a pastor or evangelist, helps provide for his or her family and thus releases them to do ministry work. It also provides tools they need to advance the kingdom, such as training, evangelism resources and transport. Every situation is unique, and we partner with our frontline workers in any way we can, to help them bring Christ’s love to those in hostile and restricted nations.

Pastor T

He is just one of the frontline workers we support in Vietnam.

He leads an outreach and evangelism team, trains church leaders, visits and encourages new believers and those who are persecuted for their faith.

In the past year, his team have baptised 360 people and planted four churches.

During the height of the pandemic, Pastor T and his team distributed food, clothing and masks. They were able to reach out to a number of previously unreached tribal groups, and lead some of the people to Christ.


Receive your free copy of the inspiring ebook

Receive your free copy of the inspiring e-book

The Frontline: Stories of  

Christian Persecution



The Frontline: Stories of
Christian Persecution

The Front Line: Stories of Christian Persecution

One of the key goals at Voice of the Martyrs is to bring Australian Christians into fellowship with those who are persecuted. The accounts contained in this e-book will not only inform but also help to cultivate a genuine love for persecuted believers who risk their lives to spread the Gospel.

We believe that the lives and testimony of persecuted Christians is a vital part of the fellowship of all believers and can challenge and strengthen the faith of God’s people everywhere.

Hebrews 13:3
“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated – since you yourselves are in the body also.”

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