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Farid was born into a wealthy Muslim family in Iraq. The family has expansive business interests in several countries in the Middle East and beyond, and have been residing in Jordan for many years.

As a child, Farid’s next-door neighbours were Christians, he spent a lot of time with them and became intrigued by their faith in Jesus. One day, he asked his father about Christianity, but his father became angry and told him to have nothing more to do with the neighbours.

Source: VOM contacts


As Farid grew into adulthood, he had not lost his desire to know more about Jesus and he secretly started to attend a Catholic church, when the priest found out who he was, he asked Farid to stay away. In the meantime, Farid’s church attendance was reported to his father by a family friend. The father, now furious, drove Farid to a cemetery in a nearby town and told Farid that this is where he would end up if he continued to pursue Christianity.

Soon after, Farid was sent overseas by his family and was only asked to return when his family had arranged a marriage for him to a devout Muslim woman. After three months Farid arranged for the marriage to be annulled; the family disowned him and Farid secretly left the area.

In a new workplace, he was under the supervision of a Christian woman, Farid saw this as a God-given opportunity to learn more about Christ. Through his boss, he was introduced to a VOM frontline worker. The worker spent much time with Farid and the Gospel was clearly explained to him, he eagerly accepted Christ as his Saviour.

The family soon located Farid and started to make trouble for him including harassment, threats and beatings. Farid moved many times but each time was found and the threats continued. He eventually stopped moving and although his life is in real danger, he is not hiding in fear but is ministering to other Muslim background believers, encouraging them in their struggles.

Farid’s faith remains strong, “In spite of all this chaos I have in my life, I have huge peace. I have found the Lord Jesus.” Farid said.

Farid’s greatest concern is that his presence would bring trouble to the frontline worker and the ministry he is a part of. The fears have now been realised; the family are now accusing the worker of human trafficking and organ harvesting. They have also threatened him with murder if he does not leave the country.

The frontline worker contacted the authorities in an attempt to bring an end to the threats and harassment. A case was brought against the family and the worker has attended court three times so far, he has another hearing on Tuesday 13 July. He fears some of the authorities may be influenced by the family. He may be forced to leave the country.

Let us pray:


  • Earnestly intercede for Farid, the frontline worker and the fellow believers. Ask the Lord to give them His peace. Pray they will be shielded from harm and that they will stay strong and faithful. Pray for wisdom.
  • Pray for the authorities overseeing the case, that they would be completely disinterested – without bias or influence, and will rule justly.
  • Pray for the family of Farid, that his strong and unwavering testimony may be used by God as a witness to the power of the Gospel. Pray for conviction, repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ.