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As a Fulani herdsman, Abdul witnessed the brutal persecution of Christians in northern Nigeria, but accidentally hearing about Jesus while passing a church changed his life forever.

Raised a Fulani herdsman, Abdul heartbreakingly recalls the times his own family and friends would attack Christian villages leaving no survivors.

“You cannot count the people they killed – they would go into villages and kill the entire village,” he says.

He even admits that he was involved in orchestrating one murder himself, as he recounts with tears his old life.

In 2002 he walked past a church by chance and heard a preacher say that Jesus was the only way to heaven; these words filled his mind with questions and his journey to truth began.

He began asking those around him questions about Jesus and the Bible. The advice was always the same: “Christians are not serious people and Islam is the far superior religion. He wasn’t satisfied with the answers.”

“I was at a loss; if Jesus was the way, then why was I still following Mohammed?”

He was desperate to hear the message of Jesus preached again, even though he knew attending church was a risk.

On Christmas Day he sneaked out of his home and attended a church service. He didn’t receive Christ that day but he returned home to find all his belongings outside. His mother discovered he had attended church and kicked him out. He had nowhere to go.

The same night, he had a vivid dream about two paths, and he knew immediately Jesus was speaking to him.

“That night, even after seeing how my mother reacted, I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord. It didn’t matter to me if they wanted to kill me or disown me. I didn’t care, I wanted to accept Jesus Christ.”

His family began trying to convert him back to Islam. They tried using voodoo and threatened to kill him but he would not renounce Christ.

He went to church once more and when a police officer saw him there, he warned him that he needed to escape.

“The churches in my town would not accept me as a Fulani and my family wanted to kill me.”

This is when he knew he had to leave the state.

After leaving, he prayed continually for a place to go where he would be accepted.

“I prayed to God: I want you to lead me where I will learn your Word better and where I will be embraced and accepted.”

Not long after, his prayers were answered when someone told him about YWAM. He had no money, but a pastor blessed him with finances and encouragement to go.

He is still at YWAM and knows he has been blessed, and he looks ahead with hope.